Natural Wine Dinner Series 

Join us for a curated dining experience that will feature a four-course tasting menu paired with natural wine. This series is a chance for us to introduce and celebrate wine from around the world that is not only enjoyable, but also aligns with our food philosophy and values.


Why natural wine? Alice Feiring, in her book Natural Wine for the People explains - “Almost everyone is shocked when they find out that not all wine is natural and not all wine is made from one simple ingredient, grapes. Quite the contrary. It’s astounding that there are more than seventy-two official, perfectly legal, completely unnecessary, possible additives.” Natural wine is farmed organically, sustainably and honors the original craft of wine making. 


The wine for this series was chosen by sommelier, Sarah MacKinley, who will transport you to the vineyards where she fell in love with Natural Wine while sharing her experiences. Alissa Gallant Nicholls has crafted tasting menus to compliment the flavors of each wine and it's origin, while sourcing from the abundance of local farms and farmers. 

Our menu will honor our unwavering commitment to organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and pastured-raised ingredients. 

Sarah MacKinley



Sarah has been a fixture in the Seacoast wine industry for 15 years. She is a Certified Sommelier and was one of the first two women in the state to become so.  Sarah is also a Certified Specialist of Wine and has completed the WSET 111. She has worked with medium and small distributors as a rep for most of her career.  Teaching is also a passion and for over a decade she has been a guest lecturer at the University of New Hampshire for their Beverage Management class, teaching the students about German and Austrian wine. 


Sarah has traveled extensively, going to the source to learn what sets certain regions apart from others. On her last trip to Italy, Sarah became enamored with Natural Wine and has been a proponent of that style ever since.  She loves the freshness and the fact that the wines seem more alive.  She also knows that wineries that employ a no or low- intervention philosophy (nothing added, nothing taken away) also farm cleanly and that she can be confident that there are no unnecessary chemicals going into her body from the wine.